Padma – 8pc Polyhedral Dice Set


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The seas you know have been harsh. They take, and they take, and they take. But there is more water can do. It can soothe. It can nurture. It can restore. It can birth life, if you let it.

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Pieces: 8pc – d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, d20 (logo), d20 (numeric)

Finish: Polished and inked, ready to roll

Features: Bright pink florals and leaves on a glittery holographic blue base, metallic pink numbers

Edges: Sharp

Flaws: Minor impaction from multi-part pour; normal for such designs

Disclaimer: You are buying a handmade product. Each die is pressure-cast, cured, trimmed, sanded, polished, and inked by just one person (me!). By virtue of this, each set is unique (and made with lots of love!). Because of the nature of handmade dice, there might be some slight imperfections. Some examples include light scratches, indents, mould marks, or slight bubbles that will not affect the rolling of these dice. I list all visible flaws for each listing. Please read them carefully before purchasing the dice.

In terms of balance, these dice roll randomly and will work for casual play (like D&D and TTRPGs!). But they are not perfectly balanced and won’t work for high-stakes competitive play. (Sorry, Thanos.)

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm